Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some noteworthy Norwegian blogs, pt.2

In my post on March 20, "Some noteworthy Norwegian blogs," I mentioned just a few good Norwegian blogs. Of course there are many more.

Lately, I have come across several good photo blogs. The Norwegian photographer Roy Mangersnes got a great blog, Wildphoto, with loads of great nature pictures on it. Not all of them, but most, are from Norway. Visual Norway also got some nice photos, pretty much of anything from the photographer's broken fence to drifting ducks in the pond. Some of the pictures are taken in the city of Bergen, like some really nices ones of the Wharf (Bryggen).

There are several blogs with daily photos from cities in Norway. Here are some of them; Oslo Daily Photo, Trondheim Daily Photo, and Stavanger Daily Photo.

Last time, I mentioned some blogs about Norwegian expats living abroad. There are of course blogs from "foreign" expats living in Norway. One of these is Irish Nomad in Norway, by freelance writer Johanna C. Leahy. Johanna blogs quite enjoyably about expat life in the capital of Norway with her four kids. Another one by an American expat in Oslo is called An American in Norway.

As a last blog, even though it is not about Norway, I would like to mention Beer, Maine & Me, which got a post about "beer in unique places (Honningsvåg, Norway)". Since I went to high school in Honningsvåg, I thought this was kind of amusing. The World's northernmost beer brewery, opened in 2000, is actually situated there.

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